2011 Joplin tornado

by: Logan Schuett

why tornado's form in tornado alley

because tornado ally is in the middle of the USA it allows the cold air from Canada and the moist warm air from the gulf of mexico to mix and then they swirl around causing rotation and then the rotation get faster and then it grows and then it finally touches the ground and causes a twister

It took place in Joplin Missouri in 2011

the damage

over 158 people were killed and then about 2.2 billion dollars in damage

type of tornado

the tornado in Joplin was an EF5. At its peak it was up to a mile wide with winds in excess of 200 miles per hour. The tornado was on the ground for 22.1 miles and lasted an estimated 38 minutes from start to finish. Around 7,000 homes were destroyed, not including any businesses or public buildings.

after the fact.

video link is here. in this video it just shows the houses that extreme make over home edition did but it doesn't show you how they were before like imagine if you lost everything you owned in a matter of hours like i would cry because i have stuff that can never be replaced like my grandpas hats and his photos and all that.