Gun Laws

Are the strict enough?

The actual process.

When you need to purchase a gun, there is a form called the 4473 form, basically what it is, is a form where you fill out information about yourself, then there is a questioner that you have to fill out, basically you are explaining why you are purchasing the gun. Also it states if you are eligible fir gun purchase, if you lie on this form it is considered a felony and you will be placed in prison for up to five years. (

Some backround information

Over the past 20 years the process for getting a gun has become more strict and more involved, if you own a gun that was purchased before 1899 then the fedral government does not have to know that you have it (empire arms). Nowadays as you read the process has changed a lot from that. While reasearching the fact that you don't have to tell the government that you have a gun if it was purchased before 1899, I think that all firearm purchases should be in a government file. My big question for this whole research project was should the process for purchasing a gun be more strict, and after all my research I feel that yes they do need to be more strict, I feel this way because so many people have a gun and are not using it for its purpose, to defend yourself. After I did some more research I wanted to find how most people get their guns illegally, the answer is the black market, ( I think that if there is a way to have the monitored it could help with the amount of crimes committed by a gun.

My opinion

After researching about the schoo shooting I think that if these people had not gotten a gun illegally some of the school shootings may not have happened and those family's who lost their kids would not have lost them.

Some of my main questions/ answers I found

My main question for this project was

Should the requirements for people to purchase a gun change? My answer for this after researching is yes they should, many people have been getting away with buying guns over the black market ( and also people who should not have guns are getting them because we have a bad and easy process for getting guns. (Marketplace)

My second question was, Should guns be aloud in schools, like for teachers? The answer that I came up with was yes they should, after reading about the shooting in Newton I realized that maybe if a teacher had a gun it would saved some lives, however I do see where parents and students would be mad if they found out that their teacher had a gun. The artical that I read on shooting was (

My final question that I had was, What are the main resons why people get guns? When I researched this the answer that came out of it was really interesting, most people get it for protection, but there are some people who said "no reason", this makes me interested because what are these people doing with these guns and why did they purchase them if they had no reason for it?