Dreams By: Langston Hughes

By Clayton Curtis :


I think this poem will be about a kid doing his dreams in the future.


Let dreams last,because your life will be a frozen barrier and a bird that cannot fly


Life is a broken-winged bird:I think this means that when you don't have dreams you don't have a purpose in life.

Life is a frozen barrier:I think that this means when you don't have dreams your life stopped.


I think that the speaker is peaceful and depressed,because of the things she speaks of in her poem like the broken-winged bird and frozen barrier.Also the way she spoke in the poem.


I feel like there is no shift in this poem because it just seems sad the whole poem is depressing.


Now the tittle seems like dreams are great thing to have and the poem is talking why and how they are a great thing to have.


I think the total theme of the poem is that when you don't have a dream your life stops,because there is no reason to work for a goal.