Tatyana - venus

INNER planet

Symbol of venus

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How venus got its name

my plant got it name for the godsses of blove and beauty

How venus was discovered

In 1970 the sovient union found venus

What venus looks like

my plant has volcanoes, moutians, and sand. it has cracks were melt hit it.

Distances of venus

Order from the Sun:2th

Distance from the sun in AU:72 au

in km: 108 mk

Distance from the Earth in AU:1.14

in km:42km

Orbit and Rotation of venus

Numebr of days to orbit around the sub:it takes it 224,701 days to orbit

Length of one day (number of hours in one day): 243 earth day

Water forms on venus

my plant has water on it

Weather on venus

it has volcanoes, mountians,sand

Rings and Satellites on venus

has no rings or sateliltes

Exploration on venus

mariner2 was the place that discoved venus

Human colony on venus

my plant has no human colony

Picture of MY PLANET

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Atmosphere and Temperature of venus

864fahrenheit and 462celsius toxic atmophere traps heats