Jew's religion

Religion and Tradition of Jews

The God Christians worship is called Adonai. The most common figure is called Abraham. Their Holy Book is called TeNaKh. It contains history of Hebrew and the Torah. The person who teaches is called a teacher, Tolmad, and Rabbi. The Rabbi leads the congregation. Their tradition is called Yom Kippur. It is a day set aside for being sorrt for bad acts. The place they worship is called the church or the synagogue. Their sects are called Orthodox, Conservation, and Reformed. Their Holy Days are called Saturday, when the prayer gives a religious speech. Their Holy Site Jerusaluem, it is called the city of prophets.

Place of Worship

They worship in a synagogue.
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Worship Leader

The person who teaches them is called a  rabbi.
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Their symbol is called the star of David.
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Traditions for Judiasiam

Their traditions are Shabbat.
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Holy Book

The Holy Book of Judasim
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Holy Site

The Holy Site of Judiasim
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