The Sisters Grimm

By Dakota Dowling 11th 2/3/16

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The Sisters Grimm By Michael Buckley

There were two girls named Daphne and Sabrina Grimm. There mom and dad disappeared when they were 10 and 5. They went to go live with their grand mother in ferryport. But they dont know that the town is a mystical town with fairies and giants etc. the girls find their grandmothers secret and saves the town in the process.
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There was a time not to long ago and the grandmother was younger and she cast a spell to safe the town by putting a spell on the town it put the giants to sleep so the town was safe. Until Jack was let out of jail then he used the grandmothers grand kids to do his dirty work. He awoke the giants and told them a lie. The lie was the grandmother killed his brothers and added a little of the truth which was she put a spell on him. So the giant was furious and started to attack the town then the grand kids realized their mistake and helped the grand mother to send the beast away to his castle far in the sky. When the beast was attacking he realized who he was helping and then smelled his sent. Jack the giant slayer was controlling the giant. Till the grand mother helped the giant he was a stone cold hearted monster.

Authors theme

the theme of the story is to never give up when life has turned on you. in the book the sisters had everything happen to them and they never gave up.