CASH Fifth Grade

"Little House on the Playground"

TCAP Testing Begins on Monday

Please help your child do his or her best by:
  • Getting to bed early each night,
  • Eating a good breakfast, and
  • Arriving at school on time.

I have been encouraging your child to work hard and do his or her best. This test does not define your child in my eyes, but is only a snapshot of what he or she has learned combined with how well he or she was able to concentrate on a particular day. The most important skill in this process is learning to work hard which will benefit him or her throughout his or her life. This is a great group of students and I have loved working with them this year!

Snacks for TCAP

The Mayberrys are bringing snacks for Monday's break between tests. I believe Joy Hood may be bringing a snack on Tuesday. If you can bring a snack on Wednesday or an additional snack choice on Monday or Tuesday, please let me know. Thank you, Karen and Joy, for doing this !