Phil Me In: Special Edition

Welcome Back to Project Genesis!

Capco Account Team to Double in 2015

With nearly 100 projects currently in flight, totaling almost 2 million effort hours , the Capco-Phil team is doubling its resources for 2015! 55 BAs and PMs are currently supporting 28 Workstreams, from Derivatives to Investor Communications, in various phases of the SDLC diligently working to deliver high-quality Business Value Assessments, Project Requests and Business Functional Specs. However, Capco is not just doing the practical, heavy lifting of Pershing's largest client onboarding project, we are shaping the vision for a unified global trading, clearing, settlement & bank custody platform, and the future of finance.

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Reflections on Phil 2014

As we look forward to welcoming our new Phil-Capco colleagues, we reflect on a great year at Pershing and continue the momentum created by our engagement committees. Organized by different areas of interest, the Phil team has taken an active role to contribute to Capco and bring our vibrant culture to Jersey City whether its through our training & development initiatives, brown bags, social events or leadership speaking series.

Below is a sneak peak on our evolving Engagement Model and a flashback to some of our favorite events.

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Learning & Development including the Phil Brown-Bag Series

Thank you Susan Sci, Sridhar Srinivasamurthy and Julia Simmons for your presentation on Derivatives.

In our next Brown Bag session, November 7th, Farah Karim, Denise Mejia and Christopher Costello will tackle Regulatory Surveillance.

When we are not hosting our own Brown Bag events, the Phil-Capco team is polishing BA/PM skills with training from ESI Institute International.

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The Phil Team hosted Marcia Wakeman and David Oxenstierna and looks forward to welcoming Ismail Amla in 2015

From Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights to Thanksgiving Potluck to a Halloween Masquerade with the Jefferies account, the Phil Capco Team has 25 hours in a day!

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The REF Recap: Recharged and Ready for a New Year

A look-back on 2014 would not be complete without a REF Capcorico recap! Below are just some of the big-picture, disrupt-the-status-quo ideas we have brought back home from Puerto Rico:

  • Moore's Law: Progress develops at exponential rates
  • Beginner's Mind: Maintain a child's curiosity in the pursuit of knowledge
  • Quest for Disruption: How can we "unthink" the norm to form the future of finance?
  • Open Concept Banking: Moving our client's customers from Banking to Living
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So What's Next for You at Pershing? Blog about it on our weekly Pershing Pulse Series!

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