Scott McNealy

Momoka Fujii

Scott McNealy

Scott McNealy was born in 11/3/1954. He graduate from the Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hill. He was married and has four children. His worth is $500 million.

Sun Microsystems

Scott McNealy is work in the Sun Microsystems. Sun Microsystems is company that sells computer components and software. This company was founded in 1982. This company has 600 employees. This company's revenue is $ 7.4 billion. One thing that I am interesting about this company is at firs this company was small. But now, It is very big company.

Scott McNealy's characteristics!

  1. Leadership
  2. controversial strategy
  3. Break the rule
  4. Management techniques
  5. casual and laid - back work enviornment

Famous quote by Scott MeNealy

Get the best people and train hem well.

By: Scott MeNealy