The Coastal Plains

in Texas

Greetings from Texas!

Hey Mrs. Steger! I wish you were here in the Coastal Plains with me. There is so much to do here. It was totally awesome, trust me, you'd feel like you were on cloud9. Just wanted to say hi and that I'll be seeing you very soon! Here are some things I did here.

Colorado River

The Colorado River was so awesome to swim in! We went paddle boarding, surfing, and went on a boat! Way too cool, the water was also fresh so no need to worry about the yucky sea salt.

Exploring the Cities

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun!

Plains (Coastal)

Took a small little road trip to check out the plains here. It was OBVIOUSLY just flat, but just a swift of fresh air was so relaxing. There weren't so many flowers to see, but I saw some, and I got to see lots and lots of wheat and grass. A couple of livestock too which was pretty cool. Of course it was hot but it was a nice day for a picnic.

Piney Woods

The Piney Woods were very.. Woody! SO MANY TREES. It was a little bit spooky yet exciting to walk through the same time. Saw some really cool birds, trees, animals, and at one point I thought I saw a bear which turned out to be a tree!