Paws to Read

Robbie R.

All About Me as a Reader

1. I easily get distracted when I read.
2. I can only read and understand one book at a time.
3. I read fast but understand parts of the book.
4. I usually read on weak nights.
5. I always finish the book i start to read.
6. I can remember some characteristics of a character.
7. I sometimes judge a book by its cover.
8. I can picture books in my head when I read them.
9. I like to read nonfiction books.
10. I don't read classics, I like books that are more updated.
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10 Things About Me

1. I like to play golf

2. I like to listen to music.

3. I like the rapper Lil Wayne

4. I like to ride longboards.

5. I like to go hiking in the woods

6. I like to go to South Dakota.

7. I like to South Carolina.

8. I like to drive go carts.

9. I like to hangout with my friends.

10. I like to be outside.

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)
I chose the song "Happy" because I get happy when I am reading.
I use novel list for my book recommendations because if you like a book then you type that book in the search box and it gives you books that are alike the book you just read.
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