Biotechnology in Forensics

By Morgan Scherer & Selena Lombardo

What is Forensics?

Forensics is the application of science in legal setting.

DNA Sources include:

  • Hair
  • Blood
  • Semen
  • Saliva
  • Bone
  • Tissue

How is Biotechnology used in Forensics?

Biotechnology is used by forensic scientists to collect or process trace evidence such as said before, hair, skin, blood, or semen examples found in crime scenes. Scientist compare DNA from a crime scene to see if it matches the criminal. Also now a days they use genetic fingerprinting.

Is there a disadvantage, if so what is it?

  • Misrepresenting credits or qualifications
  • Pressured testimony
  • Neglect unfavorable information
  • Lying about the evidence planted
  • Falsifying notes or data
  • Biased examination

How does it affect organisms physically?

The genes of an organism are changed during the process and the DNA of the organism is recombined. DNA is obtained from an individual's blood cells, hair fibers, skin fragments, or other tissue. The DNA is extracted from the cells and digested with enzymes.

How does it affect the world in a social aspect?

  • Determines if a crime has been committed
  • Determined how a crime was committed
  • Determined when a crime was committed
  • What sequence of events occurred
  • Identify victims

How will it affect the world in a social aspect?

It will help keep us safe and find out information to solve all crimes ( not that it doesn't now but bigger crimes). The military will use it more to identify the remains of MIA from conflicts, identify of toxins. It will also help with the criminal records more.

What is the benefit of biotechnology used in forensics?

The benefit is that it helps get more accurate information about the crime scene and find out who are the criminal and victims.

What it's economic affect of biotechnology used in forensics?

  • $30.3 million for DNA capacity building for crime lab improvement
  • $4 million for DNA training
  • $7.7 million for DNA research and development
  • $20.6 million for convicted offender testing
This is only for New Jersey so its way way more money
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