Life Group Leaders Weekly





Greetings Leaders!

Wow! We made it to the end! This is officially the last week of Spring Life Groups. Now is the time for your group to reflect on your semester and all that God has done.

Consider asking these two questions together with your group this week:

  • 'What was the biggest sacrifice you had to make in order to participate in this Life Group?'
  • 'What was the biggest joy you are taking away from being in this group?

In Christ,

Heather Thomas



B.A.S.I.C. TRAINING - The Law #3


Whether athletes, musicians, businesspeople, or a slew of many other professions, skills, and talents, it is often beneficial to “go back to the basics” to continue to grow. The same applies to Christians. All Brothers And Sisters In Christ (“B.A.S.I.C.”) need to be reminded of the basics of our spiritual life, teachings, and practices. The sermons for this Life Group series are based on Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” which focuses on the foundational truths of our spiritual lives. Whether you have heard these passages many times or this is one of your first encounters, we hope you will look and listen to all that God wants to reveal to you through these incredible, poignant, and meaningful lessons. This B.A.S.I.C. Training has the potential to be a life-changing time for you individually, the Life Group, the church, the community, and the world!


Attached to this newsletter, you will find a cover letter, & feedback forms. THIS week (Week 9: March 14th - 20th) you will walk your group through filling out these forms. Please, please, please take the time as a group to fill out these forms. We ask because we have found that groups who offer their members the option to complete them at home are not as likely to return all the forms. We've even had members miss out on the opportunity to remain in their preferred group. If you need help printing these forms, please connect with Nancy.

So please take note: Disperse AND collect them that same night, put them in an envelope, and hand them in at the office (or you can place them in Nancy's mailbox) no later than Sunday, March 21st.


If you haven't let us know your plans yet, please give Lambert or Nancy an email or call by or before Friday, March 14th.


  • Relationships! - Set aside ample social time for group members to mingle and to get to know one another each week.
  • Prayer - Thank God for how he has brought your group together.
  • Feedback Forms - Take some time at the beginning of your meeting to ask your group to complete this semester's Feedback Forms.
  • Homework - Remember, it's not about answering all the questions. Let the homework be a resource to help engage our mission statement, not an end to itself.
  • Referrals - Begin brainstorming who in your group (or outside of your group) would make a great Leader or Host.


MISSION - To Cultivate meaningful relationships centered on God's Word and prayer": Help us avoid "Mission Creep". Mission creep is the idea that despite articulating a mission or vision, over time it will turn into something else. In the context of groups, we may eventually find ourselves spending the majority of our time on other meaningful issues such as: answering all the questions, evangelism, discipleship, or issues pertaining to our society/world. While each of these is important, we encourage you to help us and your groups avoid mission creep by spending group time on what matters most - relationships centered on God's Word and Prayer.

GROUP CARE: When life happens to one of your group members (hospitalization, moving, or going through transition) help your group mobilize into a care unit that makes meals, visits, prays, and maybe even sends cards/letters. Not only will this bless you and them richly, but your group will also be meeting legitimate needs for one another in the context of Christian love and service while growing together as a group.


Serve opportunities look a little different this year because community contact has been limited out of concerns for COVID-19. As needs arise we will reach out to your groups. If you'd like to get a few people together from your group to serve should the needs arise, great! OR (this semester) if your group has personal ideas for how to serve and would like to serve together, we encourage you to do that too. *Please be mindful of serve opportunities that require participants to contribute financially as it may make some uncomfortable.

LEADER TOOLS - Our Leader Tools Page is updated weekly on our church website.

  • Leader's Weekly
  • Sermon Guide
  • And more!

Check out our Leader Tools Page here:

**For group participants that are not currently attending our regular Sunday morning services, or who were unable to attend, please invite them to find the homework guide online here: