Faculty Meeting

January 5, 2016

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Subscription Access June 30, 2015 - June 30, 2018

(2) Grade K

(3) Grade 1

(2) Grade 2

(2) Grade 3

(2) Grade 4

(5) Grade 5 - including Grade 6 Teachers

(2) Special Ed.

Safe School Training

Online training was to be completed by December.


username and password should be your school login information.

Please email me if you have not completed the online assignments, but NO assignments are listed for you.

Regional Articulation @ Frog Pond Elementary School Media Center

BSI & Special Ed. support teachers who work in more than one grade level, please decide which grade level meeting you will attend. Please let Janet know which grade level you meeting you will be attending so that we have appropriate sub coverage.

January 11th

8:30-11:00 Sixth Grade

12:00-2:30 Fifth Grade

January 12th

8:30-11:00 Fourth Grade

12:00-2:30 Third Grade

January 20th

8:30-11:00 Music

12:00-2:30 PE

January 21st

8:30-11:00 K

12:00-2:30 PK

January 22nd

8:30-11:00 Second Grade

12:00-2:30 First Grade

January 25th

8:30-11:00 Art

12:00-2:30 CST

Arts Infused Education

Grade Level Collaboration

Special Area Collaboration

Special Ed./ BSI

An Arts Infused Folder will be shared to add lesson/activities/photos. Please do not hesitate to ask for support or resources to integrate the arts into your lessons.