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Staff Update

We Will Miss You Shelley!

Shelley Reynolds will soon be changing careers on February 1st and joining Encore Construction. We are sad to lose her as our Director of Marketing but happy for her in her new role. Luckily, we will likely get to see a lot of Shelley with her husband Roman (a new KW agent) in the future!

Shelley performed a lot of important tasks beyond the typical Marketing Representative. She offered training, marketing consultations, volunteered and committed a lot of time to various organizations that we care about, and served as a liaison between our team and yours.

Over the next few months, some of the great work Shelley does will be spread among our team. The lines of communication will remain seamless, with most of your requests still being made by email to

We will continue our commitment to you to provide incredibly fast turnaround on all of our services.

We wish Shelley the best of luck in her new endeavor! We will miss her.