Caliber: Beta Academy

Weekly What's Up

Kindness Carnival 5/6

The forecast is predicting rain Friday morning. We are working on a back up plan for the carnival. Stay tuned for updates as we have them.

Pending weather, we will be following the schedule outlined by the Random Acts of Kindness Crew that was e-mailed out yesterday. Please direct any questions to Marisa, Hayley, Leah, Stefanie, or Marcus and please read the info in its entirety. I know this is a busy time and there is a lot to juggle. We've got this!

AND...... the SBAC flashmob is on! If you are interested in getting your rap on with us, we will perform on the stage at the end of the carnival at approx 12:40.

PD Agenda 5/6

1:30 Teacher Appreciation Week Lunch (Room 5)

2:30 Small group share out protocol

3:10 Random Acts of Kindness campaign feedback (capturing our learnings)

3:30 Whole group closing

3:30 Grades 3-7 prep rooms for SBAC and Grades K-2 Weekly Data Meeting

Weekly What's Happening

SBAC Testing Week

Monday 5/9:

  • Ashlee Offsite (back online Tuesday at 7:00am)

Tuesday 5/10:

  • WCCUSD Community Meeting on sale of Adams 6:30-8:30 (see parent blast from this week for more details)

Thursday 5/12:

  • Black Minds Matter Event 5:30-7:30 (details below)

Black Minds Matter

Thursday, May 12th, 5:30-7:30pm

3223 Carlson Boulevard

El Cerrito, CA

Join Natalie and the GO Public Schools team for a data equity walk to dig deeper into the challenges faced by WCC's black students. More details at the link below.

SBAC Testing

Our 3rd-7th grade students will be testing from 8:15-10:30 daily for the next two weeks. Please DO NOT disrupt their classrooms. Every available adult on campus is being leveraged to support small group testing and logistics. Any behavioral concerns during these hours must be handled internally. Anything requiring admin attention will have to wait until after 10:30. Thank you for your support and understanding. Good get 'em Dragons!!

Stepping Up Ceremony

Tuesday June 7th 6:00-8:00pm

Kennedy High School Gym

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Team Caliber website

Hello our wonderful Caliber Team! A reminder that you can find all things benefits, 401k, absence forms, change of address, etc on our Team Caliber website. All FAQs can be found here. Please check here for your answers before contacting Chayla.

Shout Outs

Ms. Manny and Ms. J for putting together an awesome incentive tracker for testing!

Shout out to the Random Acts of Kindness Crew for the unbelievable amount of effort put in to planning Friday's carnival!

All 3rd-7th grade teachers for diligently preparing students for SBAC! So many interventions! So many hours!

Sally for preparing all the logistics for SBAC!

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Thank you for everything you do on behalf of our students each and every day. It is a blessing to work with such a committed, thoughtful, diligent, and FUN group of people.