HAWKS Learning at HOME

Learning opportunities and resources

Welcome to our new way of learning. We are working diligently to provide you with useful resources to keep your kids engaged and actively involved during the school shut down.

This newsletter will give you the main resources we will use for lessons. Included are the links and login information needed to access the resources. Make sure that you are able to access the following resources and you will have access to most of the information / resources we will be using.

This is also where you will go to get the weekly lessons. Please let your teacher know if you have any questions.

Technology Assistance

If your family will need assistance with Internet access or devices to aid in remote/distance learning for your child, please contact the Red Oak ISD technology department at technology@redoakisd.org.



Class Link and Google

If you need help with logging into Google or Class Link, the attached video will be a good tutorial here.

Your child can login to the following resources at redoakisd.org.

From there they can login to the following resources.

Education Galaxy

Education Galaxy

Red Oak ISD already has a subscription to Education Galaxy and students use this resource at school for reading, writing, and math. The system has leveled your child's activities to their specific needs.

You can use the link above or your child can login to their class link account at www.redoakisd.org.

Studies Weekly

This resource can be access through the class link - as directed above. Click on the on-line digital resources. Click in Studies Weekly, followed by your child's grade level.

Additional Resources Offerings


Scholastic Link

This site has one day's worth of books, videos, and lessons around a theme divided by grade level bands - Pre-K and K, 1 and 2, 3 to 5, and 6+. They have books or articles on-line, partnered with videos and activity links to go with the book(s).

The lessons and materials on scholastic do not require a username or password but some books are provided by Book Flix and will need the following passwords(but are still free):

User Name: Learning20

Password: Clifford


XTRA Math is a program to practice basic math facts, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It helps your child to memorize math facts in a fun and engaging way.

If you child has used XTRA math in their class, ask them for their login information, or contact your child's teacher.

If they have not used it in class, you can create an account for your student by going to the site.


Prodigy Math: With Prodigy Math, you can sign up two ways. You can sign up as a parent and create your child’s account. This allows you to see how they are doing on their math concepts in the game. Or, you student can sign up on their own with no identifying information other than their first name and last initial. It’s that easy! This fun and engaging game allows students to work on Math skills while having a great time.

Legends of Learning - Awakening

Legends of Learning-Awakening: This video game type program is easy for students to create a character. The only information they will need is your email address so the program can send you updates of how your child is doing. This free game program allows students to practice Science for grades 3-5 in a fun and engaging format.

Brain Pop

Brain Pop

Brain Pop is an online resource for all subjects.

To get a free account click on the link above.

Click on the orange "Get Free Access" box and the "Yes, I want to continue."

Click on Free Family Access and fill out the information requested for your account.

Additional Activities or Resources

Learning A-Z

Click here to set up an account for Learning A-Z. There you will be able to sign up for Raz-Kids or Headsprout. You will have access to many books and activities.

Emily Arrow - Sing Alongs and Story Telling

Audience: Good for EARLY LEARNERS

Emily Arrow youtube

Emily is doing a story time on her youtube channel. While you are there . . check out her other videos with songs and stories.

Cassie Stephens - Art Projects

Need some creative outlets? Cassie Stephens is an art teacher from Tennessee who is providing some simple art lessons for students to do at home.

Cassie is providing the art lessons on-line on her youtube channel. You can check out a lot of the other videos she has available.

You can look at her facebook page for updates on the projects she is assigning for her students.

Read, Wonder, and Learn!

Click the link to access the resources: Read, Wonder, Learn!

Author Kate Messer has compiled a collection of youtube videos of authors reading their books, or portions of them, and then included additional links or activities to go along with their own book.

There are also some authors explaining their processes.