Silk Road project

By: Brant Ethridge

Journal entry #1- October 10, 2014

As I have started my journey on the Silk Road. First on my journey I went to many different places that would help me trade my goods to make some money that would help continue my trip. Something's about my journey is that I have about 4,000 miles to travel and along the way I plan on trading my goods

Journal entry #2- October 13, 2014

Now that I am headed on the Silk Road and the way I have chosen to get there is by using camels and traveling across land to get there it has also been three days since I have started my journey and I have found that to travel about 100 miles each day to save my energy

Journal entry #3- October 17, 2014

I plan on making sure that for the long and tiring journey that when I stop along the way to try and trade as much of what I can. Some of the things I traded was many types of gems that are worth a lot on the trading route

Journal entry #4- October 23, 2014

On my journey I am about 700 miles into my traveling along the Silk Road . I have come upon many types of religions and all types of different cultures.

Journal entry #5- October 28,2014

Since I have met Buddhist they are very different from where I grew up as a child they trade all different things then us such as just mainly religion then trading materialistic items

Journal entry #6- November 4,2014

Since it has been close to a month that I have gone 3,000 miles down the Silk Road and this journey has been a very interesting one I have had many things happen to me by having to get a new camel because the one I had died of hydration. The reason along the way it was very hot and we needed to get a certain amount of miles in but sadly the camel could not handle it.

Journal entry #7- November 20,2014

Now that I have traveled over 3,500 miles across the Silk Road I have learned so much and seen many things that I will always remember I have also gathered enough money from trading my gems. The thing about this journey is to always make sure never to forget the journey your taking it's not where your going that matters it's about the journey that you take getting there.