Gifted Newsletter

Eastern York School District

Volume 1, Issue 2 Winter 2017

About Us

The mission of Eastern York School District is to educate, prepare, and motivate each student to dream, to think, to learn, and to achieve throughout life.

What Gifted Students are Doing at Eastern

So far this school year, elementary gifted students have engaged in some of the following activities:

  • Took part in a timed tower-building challenge
  • Conducted research, created presentations using technology and reported to general education classes
  • Engaged in an in-depth book study
  • Studied stories of inventions and practiced incentive thinking
  • Participated in a geographic virtual scavenger hunt
  • Learned about the electoral college process
  • Solved mysteries by reading critically, and administering a handwriting analysis and conducting a fingerprint analysis
  • Defined giftedness and discussed how to view this rare and precious gift

The Marshmallow Challenge

In August 2016 elementary gifted students at Eastern were participating in The Marshmallow Challenge as shown in the photos below. It consisted of a timed challenge in which students had 15 minutes to build the tallest tower that would support a marshmallow.

Ten Suggestions for Parents of Gifted Children

1. Treat them as children. They are still children.

2. Maintain a consistent system of values and a happy, healthy home.

3. Give them a special gift: Time

4. Don’t stifle the gifted child.

5. Intellectually stimulate the gifted child.

6. Encourage friendships and discover hobbies.

7. Avoid discouraging unusual questions or


8. Don’t over-schedule your gifted child’s life.

9. Respect your gifted child's knowledge.

10. Get involved in school efforts and community programs to plan for gifted


Source: Article by Dr. James Webb, clinical psychologist and author. For the full article, visit the link below.

Challenge Puzzle

Question: Which square (A or B) is darker?

For the answer to this puzzle, please see the last page of this newsletter.

Source: View the website for more brain teasers.

Characteristics Of A Gifted Child

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Book Recommendations for Parents

Gifted Education Terminology Parents Need to Understand

Notice of Recommended Assignment (NORA)- This is a legal document that serves to identify a school district's official recommendation for a student regarding gifted education, and requires parent signature.

Seminar- This is a common name referring to the time when students receive pull--out gifted services.

Asynchronous development- This term is used to describe disparate rates of intellectual, emotional, and physical rates of growth or development often displayed by gifted children.

Differentiation- This is the process of modifying curriculum and instruction according to content, pacing and/or product to meet unique student needs in the classroom.

Recommended Games and Toys For Gifted Children

Games listed are found on

Did You Know?

It is widely acknowledged that giftedness is an inherent attribute.

Although a few believe giftedness can be achieved through nurturing, the overwhelming consensus is that giftedness is present at birth, an inherited trait. Chances are very high that one or both parents of a gifted child, as well as siblings, are also gifted. Approximately 2% of the population is said to be gifted regardless of race, culture or socioeconomic status. It is a neurodiversity which does not discriminate.

Source: "10 Facts You May Not Know About Gifted Children on

Attention Juniors and Seniors- Important SAT Test Information

The SAT is the Scholastic Assessment Test. It is typically taken in 11th grade, and consists of 3 main sections: reading, mathematics, and writing. The SAT allows you to show the colleges what you know and how well you will apply your knowledge. A new SAT format was released on January 24, 2016, so if your child is preparing to take the SAT, be sure that you are using study materials designed for the new SAT.

The SAT Subject Tests
are relatively new, and there is some confusion about them. They are different from the SAT. Students take the SAT subject tests in addition to the SAT. The SAT Subject Tests are tests designed to specifically showcase the subject or subjects a student excels. Currently, approximately 160 colleges and universities require or recommend that students take 1 or more subject tests. When looking at specific colleges and universities, be sure to see whether they require the SAT Subject Tests, as well as which tests are required.

Typically, students take the SAT in the Spring of their Junior year. The SATs will be offered in schools around the county on the following dates:

  • Jan. 21 test date: Feb 23 score delivery
  • May 6 test date: June 8 score delivery
  • June 3 test date: July 12 score delivery

Further Information regarding these tests may be found at:

Answer to Challenge Puzzle

Which square A or B is darker?

Answer: The squares marked A and B are the same shade of gray.