Do you love Donuts?

They are making people smarter


I am now live at Dunkin Donut's here in Houston, TX. The line is wrapped around the corner, for these donuts. The latest news is that these donuts are making everyone smarter. Everyone is trying to get them while they're hot, fresh and cheap! Come stop by now and grab you a bag to make you smarter before the school or work day.

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Good morning city of Houston, back here at Dunkin Donuts. But the line is not as long as yesterday, I guess the owners got word that donuts increase your IQ. So the price has shot up, now kolaches are the new thing for breakfast items. No one wants to pay $30 per donut, but instead $2 a kolache! Get your kolaches while supplies last.


Houston, we have some upsetting news. The oil prices have plummeted over nights and our economy is down the drain. Company's are having to lay off almost half of their employees, so I guess Dunkin Donuts economy will shortly follow as well. More people without jobs, means less people affording donuts- especially at $30 a piece. Hopefully I'll have some better news for our city tomorrow though.


Sorry residents of Houston, or the few of you that are left. I'm sorry, but there is no better news today, but maybe worse Because of the economic problems our city faced yesterday we've had many of our beloved family's love away. Between our population and economic issues many businesses are not making it any longer and Dunkin Donuts may be one of those.


I'm back for my final report, sadly our company is closing as well. But Dunkin Donuts is having their best sale yet. On all their donuts they are on sale for $3, and still can raise your intelligent. Get them now before they run out. Buy one for yourself or for all your family. I know once the economy raises back up, these donuts will be a hard item to get your hands on.