Ancient India

By: Kleyah Fairley

India geography

GEOGRAPHY : the geography of India was. The Ganges river ,the Indian ocean and the Himalayas mountains . these three were the geographical features on this subcontinent .

CLIMATE: the climate in India was very tropical

WHY IS IT CALLED A SUBCONTINET: It is called a subcontinent because it is a peninsula that is southwards and separated from Asia

Ancient India Daily Life

HOMES- homes were mad out of bamboo or wood with a thatched roof . most homes either had 2 to 1 room

CLOTHING - the type of clothes they wore is . both genders wear colorful robes , gentlemen were the dhoti but on the other had ladies wear a sari.

FOOD- types of food they ate were grapes, barley , wheat , peas , melons , fruit , veggies , cereal and bread

EDUCATION - for their education they we taught at a young age rom teacher . A special man named Guru who was respected and . who also taught kids how to write and read . the last thing on education is that kids had to do everything their selves .

JOBS- most parents went to work while their kid is in school. some of the jobs they had were craftsman's , farmers , artist and mathematics and scientist

ENTERTAINMET - most of the entertainment kids played with toys such as. whistles shaped like birds, small carts to roll down the hill with and , toy monkeys . Adults would go to public pools , ceremonies or dances . they could also play , chess cards and maybe outdoor activities

India's Goverment

To describe India's government. The leaders are very strong and powerful and the Government was a monarchy. which means they had a King

India's Contributions

MATH- the math was a contribution because it created numerals , the decimals system , and a zero as a place holder . to have numbers for the Arabic

ASTROMANY- astromany was a bigger contributions because. it discovered the earth was a sphere . Also astronauts figure out the solar system had 365 days......Aryabhata also found

how eclipse are mad

MEDICINE- a contribution to medicine was that . it involved plastic surgery ,administered inoculations. Also they used vactonnations.

SPORTS- the sports were given to keep the kids motivated and these sports are .Martial arts , karate , judo , and polo

GAMES- the contribution to games were to have fun and play games such as .chess , snakes and ladders , and playing cards these things made kids/families to have fun.

Hinduism Religion

BASIC BELIFES - * Hindus belived in only one supreme being

*they purse knowledge of the truth and reality they strive for moral order and right action and they promote tolerance

*Ten commandments

* treat people well of karma will come

INSTERSTING FACTS - * Hindu is the oldest and largest religion

*Hindu worships many gods

* it's the third largest religion

*God may consider male or female

*Hinduism is not an organized religion and has no single

GODS & GODDESSESS- GODES : Brahman , rama , druga , kali , Vishnu ....GODDESSES: devi , Lakshmi , saraswatie , Shiva

RECRANATION - * recantation is re birth in a new body ...he Buddhist concept of rebirth is also often referred to as reincarnation and is a belief that was held by such historic figures as Pythagoras, Plato, and Socrates.

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Buddah Religion

BASIC BELIFEVES- * everything in life was always important and always changing

* nothing is permeant life based on possessing things or persons doesn't make you happy.

*there is no enteral ,unchanging soul and self is just a collection of changing characteristics or attributes

FOUNDER- founder of Buddhism is a prince named. Siddhartha Gautama began

FOUR NOBLE TRUTH-* human life has a lot of suffering

*the cause of suffering is greed

*there is an end to suffering

*the way to end suffering is to follow the middle path

INSTERSTING FACTS-*Buddha was founded 2,500 years ago

*Buddhism has a religion on mediating and praying

*Buddha was a teacher

*he wanted people to worship him as a god

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out of most writing this is almost the most I wrote but . I have learned so much from India and how they live. for their daily life compared to mine . but also I think learning about India is a good experience..... that all I have to say but I hoped you learned a lot of information .