Eric Walters


Introducing Eric Walters

Eric Walters. Not only an astonishing writer, but at one point a much loved teacher. Before Eric's career set off, in 1993 he was working at an elementary school that went by the name Vista Heights Public School. He taught in a grade 5 class, where each individual were reluctant readers and writers. To encourage the students to become more involved in literature, Walters started writing his first novel, Stand Your Ground, for his class. The first novel he wrote included accurate names of the students that attended his class. From there he continued writing, and now has over seventy novels for young adults. His novels have earned over 100 awards, including being the only three time winner of both the Ontario Library Association Silver Birch and Red Maple Awards, voted by over 100,000 students throughout the province of Ontario.

Fun facts

  • Born in Toronto
  • He makes it his goal to write every day
  • His wife's name is Anita
  • His dogs are named Lola and Winnie the Poodle
  • He has three children named Christina, Nick, and Julia
  • In April 2010 he walked across the Sahara Desert
  • Walters found and now runs the Creation of Hope, an organization providing care for orphans in the Mbooni district of Kenya.

Early Life

Eric Walter, raised in Toronto, Ontario on March 3, 1957. He began his career as a social worker, receiving a BA in Psychology and a true Master of social work while attending York University. After all the hard work he put into his school work and books there are two main themes that always seems to run through his novels; The importance of belonging, and a person's power to make changes in his or her life. After his career took off in writing he soon stared the Charity called Creation Of Hope. The charity was to raise money for a future for the orphans of Mbooni Region in Kenya, and it was a true success, along with the rest of his journey that still continues to this day.

Recognition (awards)

- Silver Birch Award, Ontario

- Library Association, 1997

- Blue Heron Book 1997 Children's Choice Award

- Canadian Children's books Centre (CBC)

- Silver Birch Award, 1997

- CBC Choice Award, 1997

- Ruth Schwartz Award Nomination, 1997


Three of his most popular books