Killing at Park

Young Man Was Killed In Self-Defense

Murder or Self-Defense?

Young man Bob Sheldon was killed by Johnny Cade. Bob was seemingly trying to drown Johnny's friend, so he attacked, killing Bob. Ponyboy, the friend, blacked out after almost drowning, and finds the body of Bob Sheldon on the ground with a frightened Johnny near it. Johnny was trying to save his friend, stabbing Bob, and ends up killing him, accidentally or not. As some witnesses say, Sheldon was very intoxicated, and looking for a fight. Since that friend was small, only fourteen, he was held underwater, which left Johnny beaten on the ground unnoticed. Johnny then got up off the ground, pulled out the switchblade form his back pocket, and proceeded to stab Bob, but it is assumed to be only once. There were apparently a few other drunk boys who were there and participated in the attempted drowning, but took off after the stabbing. Of course, the boys cant really be reliable for accurate information since they were really close with Bob, as he was their friend and leader. Johnny and Ponyboy most likely not be able to provide accurate information, since Johnny might want to defend himself and Ponyboy would want to defend his best friend.