Bearcat Brief

December 17

Notes from Niki

In case you missed my email on Friday, we have some personnel issues that were addressed at December's BOE meeting. The Board approved the hiring of Shelley Stutzman to teach enrichment and Title I reading. The Board also accepted a letter from Dr. Maggie Stiegman declaring her intent to retire July 1, 2020.

I hope the snow days helped you with your holiday preparations! We do have to think about some adjustments in our schedule, however.

  • We will have our faculty meeting on the next day we have school. (Hopefully, that is tomorrow)
  • The high school is altering its schedule to see all 8 classes tomorrow. Normally, we would just get coverage for whatever we need, but there is the special circumstance of a choir concert to consider. Patrick will need to see all of his kids, middle school and high school, to rehearse them and we can't just pull our kids out of class because many of you will be giving finals. So, 6th-8th-grade will switch 3rd and 5th hours on Wednesday.
  • Be thinking about what we need to do with the incentive day that is scheduled for Friday. We will discuss that in the morning.

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Upcoming Events


December 18- Choir Concert, 7:00


January 1- Happy New Year- no school

January 3- Work Day for Teachers- no school for students

January 6- Second Semester Begins- first day back to class for students

January 9- 7th and 8th Grade Boys’ Basketball vs. Sullivan, 5:30

January 9- Board of Education Meeting, 6:00

January 11- Middle School Conference Band @Waynesville