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What's Going On at #FAPBG-October 5, 2020


We know that many of you have experienced financial hardships or delays in receiving your scholar's uniforms this year. We are continuing to provide flexibility for families during our first month back on campus, however the expectation is that all on-campus scholars will be in full uniforms as outlined in our policy as soon as possible.

For families who are still awaiting their uniforms, please be sure to send your scholar in to school in a plain polo and bottom with the correct colors as outlined in our policy. The video below offers visuals of our approved uniform configurations. Please reach out to a member of administration if you have any concerns or questions.

FA Uniform Presentation

Free Breakfast and Lunch for ALL students

Franklin Academy is now serving meals FREE to all students using the waiver granted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The free meals waiver will end on December 31st, 2020. All South Florida children (both Franklin students and non-Franklin students) can receive FREE meals.

FREE meals are available as of today and in the coming days a 5 day meal pack will be available for pick up on Thursdays from 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM.

Franklin Live students will be able to pickup their breakfast & lunch while on campus each day. Franklin Flex students will be able to collect a meal while on campus and before they go home at the end of the day, they will be provided a meal for their “distance” day.

Starting January 4th, 2021, student meals will be served according to the student eligibility (free, reduced or paying). To qualify for Free or Reduced - Price meals, an application must be submitted online at:

Do not miss out on your opportunity to receive meals for the entire school year, so submit your application before January.


Due to safety regulations, our water fountains are no longer in service. PLEASE SEND IN A WATER BOTTLE FOR YOUR STUDENT EACH DAY. They are welcome to use a refillable bottle, but will NOT be able to refill it on campus. Please send in a back-up supply of water for them to keep in their backpack or bin.
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Drop Off & Pick Up Reminders

  • Please pull all the way down to the furthest available place at the curb before letting your student in or out of your car.
  • Students may NOT get out of or in to the car on the driver's side for any reason.
  • Students and parents may not access the trunk or hatchback of the vehicle for any reason at carline.
  • Parents/drivers may NOT get out of the car for any reason at carline. If your young student needs assistance, please feel free to flash your lights to one of our carline staff members and they will assist you.
  • Please be sure to have your child's name clearly displayed for pick-up in the passenger side window.
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DashPass has not yet been deployed, but will be available for downloading 10/9.
20-21 Carpool Registration

This form must be completed by EACH family participating in a carpool. A different placard will be provided to carpooling families upon registration.

Private Transportation Authorization

This form is required for any students that will be picked up by a third-party, private bus or van (not the parent/guardian or registered carpool).

UPDATED Late Pick Up Time

Dismissal for all students is from 2:45-3:15 PM daily. After 3:15 PM, Late Pick Up Fees will be charged at $1 per minute, per student.

Bring Your Own Device-Franklin Live and Franklin Flex

  • Students participating in Franklin Live or Franklin Flex are STRONGLY encouraged to have a device for on-campus learning.
  • All students who bring their own digital device will need a signed BYOD policy on file and will need to have their device added to the school's network by our IT department.THE BYOD Policy is attached below.
  • If you are unable to send a device with your student to school until our new devices are delivered, please note that the teacher will be able to share their screen with the in-person students via the projector and the whiteboard and therefore provide them with quality direct in-person instruction and assistance
  • Unfortunately, there will be specific tools that cannot be utilized in a “shared device” concept, such as I-Ready, which would require the student to have their own device. In these specific situations, the team will be making accommodations, either providing paper-based substitutes or delayed assignment times. For instance, if some students are working on iReady during the day, those without a computer available will work on other material during the day and will be expected to complete the iReady work at home where they hopefully have a device.

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Interim Reports for Grades 1-8 have been emailed and are in your PS Parent Portal

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Staff Birthdays-August, September, & October

Ms. Lee- 10/2

Ms. Rutter- 10/6

Ms. Ellis- 10/14

Ms. Appleman- 10/16

Ms. Solivan- 10/25