Creating Own Clothing Company

Ana A.

Creating own company clothing

Becoming with new ideas for others to use can be really cool. You can see other people wearing the cloth and designs that you came up with or maybe even your cloth brand.

Education necessary to do the job successfully

you need a GCSE (A -B)
• 3 A-levels: Art & Design and Business Studies & Economics (grade A), Classical Civilization (grade C)
• BTEC Diploma: Foundation Studies in Art & Design (Distinction)

Job descriptions

The job description is you just have to come up with new ideas for yourself and other people to wear. Make it out of clothing material and make it lots of different sizes for others to wear. Make the drawing 3D so you can see all diffident sides of the cloth.


Some of the advantages are that you can design your own clothing and can be the first one to wear them and show to other people.

Some of the disadvantages are that you have to make the clothing to other people kinds of taste in order for them to buy it.

relationship between the environment and job

The relationship between the environment and the job is that you might have to use diffident types of materials around the environment or make your own customize T-shirts to help the environment.


the salary is 28,000 a year