Extraterrestrial Experiments

what are some examples experiments are conducted on the ISS?

One of the experiment that are conduct on the space is vision problem. When your on the ISS for a long time you start to have vision problems so they are testing thing to figure out why.

weightlessness sure look like a lot of fun, but space could have some negative side like the weakness of human bones so researcher are trying to find out how to prevent it from happen a lot.

Space Station Live: The Secrets of Bones

What do sciencetist hope to learn about life in space?

When scientists do an experiment in space, they have a control experiment running on the ground so they can compare the ground experiment with the microgravity experiment onboard the space station.

Scientist hope to learn about many things in space in order to develop and improve methods.

How do scienctists conduct controlled experiments in space?

In addition, the equipment used to conduct the experiment is uniquely designed to operate in space.

Scientists hope to learn many things about life in space to enable humans to live and do thing in space more safely.

Name two findings that have emerged from experiments done in space?

Bacteria grow better in space in no gravity so the scienctist learn how to destroy the bacteria.