Pre K News

The smallest vikings with the biggest hearts

September 22-26

Time is just flying!! We are now into week five of our new school year and our season has changed from summer to fall in just a blink of our eye. For the next few weeks, the children will be exploring farms through activity, song and food exploration. We are going to talk about what a farmer drives and how he or she harvests his or her crops. What kind of crops do farmers harvest? If we were farmers what kind of animals would we want on our farms? What do those animals sound like? This is a fun and exciting unit we all just love!

Things We Are Going to Learn:

  • The kinds of animals that live on the farm and what sounds they make.
  • The kinds of crops farmers harvest.
  • Tools that farmers use.
  • Words we use on the farm.

October 8th is an early release for the elementary school. There will be NO PM class that day!

Have a great week!

Pre k Team!