America Gives the Allies the Edge

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Allied Convoys Protect Shipping

When America joined the war in 1917 it became something quite serious. Americans didn't know whether or not the soldiers were ready and equipped for the war. The allies were getting attacked by German. They were sinking the allies boats faster than they could be rebuilt. The Americans adopted a method called convoying. This was used for mutual advantages. German failed because of Americans and the British stepping in.

The Allies Struggle

Russia was still kept in the war even though their Czar, Nicholas II was overthrown. Vladimir Lenin led the radicals to victory by gaining control of Russia. Mid-December the war came to a halt with Russia. In March of 1918 , the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk ended the war between Russia and Germany. When this happened Germany sent more troops to the Western Front.

American Troops Join the Fight

John J. Pershing and several American forces in Europe arrived in France in 1917. When German saw this they began to stall. By the end of 1918 of March, the German offensive had been beat. Fighting continued putting the Allies on top with each outcome.

American Troops Distinguish Themselves

“Doughboys” are what the American troops called themselves, fought on the defensive along with France at the Second Battle of Cantigny; this is where they dislodged a large German force from fortified positions. They battled at a various of locations such as: Chateau-Thierry Belleau Wood, Meuse-Argonne and Saint-Mihiel. Alvin York was known to be one of the greatest war heroes of all time. On October 8th 1918 York fought in the Meuse Argonne region of the northeastern France. After the fight died down York and the remaining soldiers had taken over the German position. York earned a Congressional Medal of Honor. African American soldiers demonstrated their patriotism in dozens of engagements.African American unit, the 369th infantry regiment, receives the Croix de Guerre- a French award for bravery.1.3 million American soldiers had served on the front, more than 50, 000 had lost their lives and about 230,00 had been wounded.
World War One 4 Why did the USA enter WWI

The War Ends

In conclusion of our study group the war ends by the German having no other choice but to surrender because their front as collapsing down. They surrendered on November 11, 1918 to the Allies. As a result of the war nearly 20 million troops were dead in total.