Panda PAWS 3.1

November 1-5, 2021

Important Events for the Week:

November 1:
  • 3rd 6 Weeks begins
  • Model PLC Mondays for Staff
  • Dickson out-Tracy's here

November 2:
  • Dickson out-Tracy's here

November 3:
  • Well-deserved Wednesdays for Staff
  • Free Dress day for Students
  • RTI Coaching Academy (Dixon, Mercado, Alonso, Knutson, Gonzales)
  • Dickson out, Pam Meredith filling in

November 4:
  • Jeans & Pierce shirts for ISF donations
  • RTI Coaching Academy (Dixon, Mercado, Alonso, Knutson, Gonzales)
  • Dickson out, Pam Meredith filling in
  • 2:30-4:00 Karen at Nurse's Meeting

November 5:
  • 9:30/2:00 2nd 6 Weeks Perfect Attendance Glow Stick Dance Party in cafe
  • 10:30 Head Start Winds Concert
  • #EveryPandaEveryDay prizes go home
  • Spirit Day for Staff & students
  • Report Card Day
  • Dickson out-Tracy's here

November 6: Daylight Savings! Fall back an hour before you go to sleep.

PLC Review:

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Calhoun's Comments

Wrapping up AAC awareness month, I’d like to share two of my favorite communication quotes with you.

Breathing is the only prerequisite that is relevant to communication. Breathing equals life, and life equals communication. It is that simple." ~ Mirenda, P. (1993).

“No student is too anything to be able to read and write” David Yoder, (ISAAC 2000)

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Shout Outs

From Marcela Montes:

To Mrs. Gonzales, Mrs. McKimmey and Brooke for the fun carnival !

To Marina for always take care of me, el panecito estaba delicioso!

To all the SICA staff, we are so lucky to have you here, what a nice group of people!

To Julia Brown for answering my never ending questions.

From Stephanie Reeder:

I would like to send out an enormous shout out and thank you to everyone that helped and supported my classroom while I was out!

Thank you to Jeanette, Soila, Ms. Luna, Ms. Lazo, Yasmeen, Mr. Tony, Mrs. Parish, Ms. Rico, Ms. Mendoza, Mrs. Delapena, Ms. Segovia, Ms. Hernandez, Mrs. Beas, Mrs. Gonzales, and Ms. Dickson!

From Julia Popkin:

Shout out to our Leadership Ambassadors for a fun carnival!

Thank you to everyone who helped me with taking pictures of the students!


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