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News and Reminders

  • Read more about Klein ISD's shared vision here, including a glossary of terms for our guiding documents (such as the Profile of a Learner which was used in our awards ceremonies).
  • Absences: Please remember to send a note when your child returns to school!
  • Lunch visitors: Please view this schedule for your assigned grade level day(s). We understand that there will be exceptions, such as birthdays and out of town family members, etc. We just ask that these exceptions be cleared in advance by an administrator, by calling the front office and speaking to a secretary.
  • Peach Jar: If you are not receiving flyers from Peach Jar, you can visit their website and sign up manually. You can also opt out of certain types of flyers to lesson the number coming to your inbox. We suggest you at least accept school and PTO flyers so that you don't miss any important news.
  • Car Rider Pick-Up: Due to safety reasons, students will not be released to a driver without the carpool tag under any circumstances. Please ensure that you have your carpool tag every day or that you give it to the person who will pick up your child. If you are in a different car and do not have your tag, we will accept a picture of the tag on your phone. A hand-written note with the number or simply verbally stating the number will not suffice. Thanks for understanding!
  • Also regarding pick-up, please remember that at 3:55 all remaining car riders are brought to the front office to be signed out.
  • Morning drop-off: Supervision is not available until 7:45, so please do not drop off or allow students to walk to school until that time. Students enter the building and go directly to class at 7:50. If students are eating breakfast, they may enter the building at 7:30 and go to the cafeteria.

Upcoming Dates

Please check school website for additional dates, as they are subject to change

Staff Spotlight

Buffalo Brags

  • Our counselors and students have come up with a school chant which we recite every morning on the morning announcements to get our day started off the right way! Ask your student about it (they just learned it on Monday 1/22)
  • Our fifth graders definitely exemplified our core values (Honor Self and Community, Exhibit Pride, Radiate Gratitude, Demonstrate Integrity) during their recent field trip to Ulrich. They made Blackshear proud!
  • Visitors to our campus continue to compliment how polite our students are. Personally, I love how they smile at us every morning and answer "Good morning!" They have wonderful social skills!
  • Recently, Larry Drown (owner of Campus Kids LLC), gave us a very generous donation toward our shade structure! Our PTO is now actively in the bidding process to find the best vendor to get moving on installation!
  • Thank you for those of you who have supported our school with spirit nights! It is much appreciated!
  • One of our fifth grade students earned Gold for her Rodeo Art (2nd place out of 372 students entered)! Her art will be displayed at the rodeo.