5 Themes of Geography

By: Sean Hicks

The First Theme: Location

Where is it?

Absolute: The absolute location is the specific coordinates of a location. For Example, The Absolute location for the Hollywood sign is 34.1341 Degrees N, and 118.3217 degrees W.

Relative: The relative location for something would be a general location like, "Next Door" or "Across the way".

This could relate to Law Enforcement because Dispatch could say, "Next to the Walmart." or give them an address.

The Second Theme: Place


A place is an area that is defined by everything in it. All places have features that give them personality and distinguish them from other places.

This fits into Law Enforcement because there is an actual Police Station or a crime is in a building.

The Third Theme: Region


A region is an area that is defined by similar characteristics. Those could include human, natural, or cultural activities.

This fits into Law Enforcement because instead of having one Police force for all of Texas, we have different Forces for each city.

The Fourth Theme: Movement


This can be used like, "How did you get to school today?" or something bigger like, "How do soldiers get across the ocean?"

This could be fit into Law Enforcement because the Officers need squad cars to get around town and travel to conventions and things of that nature.

The Fifth Theme: Human-Environment Interaction(HEI)

Human-Environment Interaction

Human-environment interaction looks at the relationships between people and their environment. How people adapt to the environment and how they change it.

How do people adapt to the environment?

In ancient times, the annual flooding of the Tiber River, in Rome, produced good soil for growing crops.

How do people depend on the environment?

How people of the ancient times depended on the migration of birds to hunt.

This could impact Law Enforcement because if a Homicide went down the weather could affect the state of the body.