By Walter Gatica P.3

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Birth & Death

Burrhus Frederic Skinner more commonly known as B.F Skinner was born

March 20, 1904 in Susquehanna , Pennsylvania; and died August 18, 1990 in Cambridge, Massachusetts from leukemia. He was 86

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Background Information

  • He grew up in a warm and stable environment
  • Made a lot of inventions
  • Attended Hamilton college, Later Skinner decided to become a writer.
  • 24 Skinner enrolled in the Psychology Department of Harvard University
  • In 1936, then 32 years old, Skinner married Yvonne Blue and the couple moved to Minnesota
  • Invented a new baby crib towards his last Minnesota living years with his wife pregnant, a new crib that would cause the baby any harmful problems
  • Has his own foundation called B.F.Skinner foundation
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Contribution to Psychology

  • Behavior focuses on learning through rewards and observation and studies frightening small children would neither be approved by research review panel nor be conducted by and ethical psychologist .
  • American psychologist whose brand of behaviorism focused on the role of responses in learning.
  • Published The Behavior of Organisms
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