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12/08/14 What we are learning!

Here is what we will be learning in the upcoming week:

The italicized questions drive what we are learning. We will focus on these questions throughout the entire unit. The statements below are the student learning goals for the week.


  • What text features do readers use to navigate and understand non-fiction?
  • How do readers use text structures to navigate non-fiction texts?
  • How do readers use non-fiction sources to answer questions?
  • What strategies do readers use to comprehend non-fiction?
  • I can determine two or main ideas of a text.
  • I can engage in respectful discussion about my reading with anyone.
  • I can respectfully listen to and build on others ideas.
  • I can build my understanding of what I read by talking about my reading


  • How do writers select a research topic?
  • How do writers determine the essential details to include?
  • How do writers organize their research to best inform their audience?

  • I can use the writing process to produce high quality writing piece
  • I can introduce my topic by providing a general observation and/or focus.


  • Why express quantities, measurements, and number relationships in different ways?
  • I can add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators (including mixed numbers).
  • I can solve addition and subtraction word problems involving fractions using visual models or equations.
  • I can use estimation strategies, benchmark fractions, and number sense to check if my answer is reasonable.


  • I can predict the effect of heat energy on the physical properties of water as it changes to and from a solid, liquid or gas.

Weekly Specials Schedule

A Day= PE B Day= Music C Day= Library Media Center


Tuesday-- A (Art is always on Tuesdays)



Friday-- A

Updates and Reminders

December 11- 5th Grade Musical

December 16 and 17- Santa's Shoppe

December 19- Parties

December 22- January 6- Winter Break

Our classroom expectation is that students read for 20 minutes nightly! This is considered nightly homework!

Spelling Words

  1. interject
  2. trajectory
  3. object
  4. eject
  5. subject
  6. projectile
  7. reject
  8. inject
  9. objection
  10. subjective
  11. thought
  12. caught
  13. daughter
  14. naughty
  15. brought

Our root word this week is "ject". It means to throw


Please feel free to contact me anytime with ideas, questions, or concerns.