FYI: Registration "2013"

Understanding the "Directions" Booklet!

Future Ready Core + NCHS students= FUTURE READY GRADUATES!

CHOOSE 8 COURSES AND 4 ALTERNATES....Please review your transcripts carefully!

Counselors will be explaining the registration process on February 5,2012 in a class assembly in the Auxiliary Gym. Please be attentive throughout the presentation. You will receive your "Direction's" Curriculum Guide. On February 12th, we will begin the process of registering each of you with your assigned Counselor. Be Prepared!

CLASS OF 2017!


Counselors from NCHS will be making classroom visits to discuss the registration process. Please note there will be an informational meeting for Parents in the NCMS Auditorium on January 29, 2013. Once you receive your materials you will be asked to choose 8 Core courses and 4 alternatives. Please follow the directions given by your current teachers as to the appropriate courses that are best for you.