Eye cancer

It can affect the outer parts of the eye such as the eyelid which are made up of muscles,skin,and nerves.However the cancer starts inside the eyeball it's called intraocular cancer. The most common intraocular cancer in adults are melanoma and lymphoma.Rather than there are 3 main layers are sclera,uvea, and retina. The sclera is the tough white covering over the most outside of the eyeball.But,in the front of the eye it is continuous with the cornea which is the let light through.

The 3 main parts in the eye

The uvea has 3 main parts the iris is the color part of the eye (most of ten blue or brown)it surrounds the pupil the small opening that lets light enter the eyeball.The chorid is athin pegmented layer lining the eyeball the nourishes the retina and in front of the with blood. The Retina is the inner layer of cells in the back of the eye.But, there light sensing cells are connected to the brain by the optic nerve.When the light enters the eye it passes through the lens.