The Cotton Boll

By: Emily Manton

Weather and Soil

The most significant area for cotton producing is temperate areas. You can best grow cotton with six months of freedom from the frost. Also moderate rainfall and abundant sunshine with a little rain during maturing period. Cotton can be produced from any well drained soil. There are some soil that is recommended for producing soil. The most suitable soil for producing cotton is medium loams.

The Picture Above

The picture above is a cotton boll, this picture basically shows how it is grown.

Products Made Out of Cotton

Some resources that are made out of cotton that you probably don't know about is, money that's made out of 75% of cotton. Light Bulbs, the first one made was made by Thomas Edison out of charred cotton. Baseballs that have 150 yard of cotton in them. Foods, such as hotdogs, ice cream, potato chips, and even bologna. The Wright Brothers covered their wings in cotton on their very first flight. And a lot of clothing's such as pants and t-shirts. There are towels, blankets, sweaters, and more!!!!!

The Picture Above

This picture shows where cotton is produced. The dark green is the major growing area and the light green is the minor growing areas.

The Machines Used to Harvest

Cotton Pickers: These pull the cotton from the open bolls using revolving barbed spindles that entwine the fiber and release it after it has separated from the boll .
Cotton strippers: are used chiefly in Texas and Oklahoma, have rollers or mechanical brushes that remove the entire boll from the plant. In the rest of the Belt, spindle pickers are used.
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This product is really popular in Texas because one it makes almost everything that we use daily. Also Texas is the number one producer of cotton, so a lot of suppliers move here to buy more cotton for their needs. Such as a t-shirt maker they might move here in Texas to get more cotton to make their shirts. There are a lot of people here in Texas and we all need our daily products to survive. Almost everything we wear or use or even eat are made out of cotton.

How Many Acres?

In 1879 some 2,178,435 acres produced 805,284 bales. In 1889 3,934,525 acres produced 1.5 million bales. The cotton crop in 1900 was more than 3.5 million bales from 7,178,915 acres.This tells you that it takes a lot of land to make a lot of bales of cotton. Since these numbers were way back then you can tell there is going to be probably 5 or 6 times these numbers. I think this because back then there wasn't a lot of people, now we have more than enough. Plus a lot of products again need cotton, which everybody uses. So this means that we need to produce more.