Technology Integration Philosophy

Joe Santiago

My Philosophy

My technological philosophy is one that is aligned with a constructivist project based learning approach. My logic behind this type of learning is that I never did well in school, I was the type of student who didn't really “get it”. I had trouble in the traditional academic environment. Following college, I used alternate resources to learn about computers. I was always the type of person who learned by doing, this type of mentality eventually led me to become Microsoft Certified and allowed me to work at one of Fortune magazine’s 100 best places to work in the country. As a teacher, I feel technology's importance in the classroom is one that vital to today's evolving society. Students must learn to use technology to become productive citizens of today's workforce.

The foundation of my pedagogy is one that is student centered and driven by a project based learning model which is evident in student work. My belief is that people learn by doing. When given purposeful work, students achieve goals that may not be evident by normal means. I find the project based learning approach blended with a "flipped based" model have been the most productive in my classroom. With the use of tools such as Google Drive, Camtasia, Smore and social learning communities such as Edmodo, I can easily place instructional content at a students fingertips. Screencasting tools allow me to deliver instruction to students allowing them to view content from any Internet connected device. Technology in the classroom allows me to provide my students with a dynamic learning experience and easy adaptation of instruction based on student needs.

Students are now held accountable for their learning, I provide them the tools and support they need for growth; they supply the drive and determination to learn. What I have found since I implemented "flipped" based instruction is that many students revisit my lessons several times. I also find that it allows students to learn at their own pace. Quicker students can move on while struggling students can review lessons as many times as they want. The ability to deliver content directly to students is extremely valuable to my instruction. Since learning is not one size fits all, technology provides me the tools to create a learning environment which is highly differentiated for all learners.