solubility in vinegar

Eric senior


The purpose of this lab was to test the solubility in vinegar of 4 different substances.A substances is soluble if it dissolves in vinegar.


My hypothesis is that when the baking soda and powdered sugar is add to the vinegar the will dissolved.When the flour and table salt is added to the vinegar they will not dissolved in vinegar.


step 1:put the baking soda in the vinegar cup

step 2: take picture of cup

step 3:stir the baking soda in the cup for about 1 minute

step 4:we took an after picture

step 5:we repeat the step 1-4 for the next 3 subsance


part of my hypothesis was correct and that was the baking soda, powdered sugar and table salt. And then the part that was incorrect was the flour because it didn't dissolved in the vinegar.