May/June Update

Fourth Grade


Throughout May and June, students will be focusing on different kinds of fictional books. Students will have the opportunity to continue reading historical fiction and to start reading fantasy books. As a genre that offers a wide range of options for readers, fictional books often focus on plot, dialogue, narration, and imagination. Students will continue to pick "Just Right" books and share their understanding of such books. Students will use concrete examples from their books to support their answers to questions as they compare and contrast previous texts.


As the students finish up their State Fair projects, they continue to write and edit informational paragraphs. Students will work on including topic sentences and transitions within paragraphs. After the State Fair, the students will read and write some poetry. They will learn about many different kinds of poems such as acrostic poems, concrete poems, list poems, question poems, cinquains, haikus, and free verse. Students will also learn about different poetic devices including alliteration, personification, and rhyme scheme. The students will learn about the importance of such devices and how they can enhance their poetry.


In math, the students are starting to learn about area and perimeter. They will calculate the area and perimeter of various composite figures. Then we will move on to tables and graphs. Students will have the opportunity to make tables and draw line plots and bar graphs. Finally, we will learn about volume. In particular, the students will interpret cubes, build solids, and find the volume of 3-dimensional figures. We will finish the year with some review and, of course, more math fact quizzes!
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Social Studies

This month is our State Fair! The students will finish editing their commercials and brochures for their states. They are using a bit of technology as they explore with iMovie for their commercials. They are really thinking outside the box and are very excited to share their ideas with each other. The students are learning more about the United States as a whole as they compare their understanding of their own individual states to those of their classmates. We are all very excited to see you on Thursday, May 17th, for the State Fair!

In the weeks following the State Fair, the students will learn about the Southwest Region of the United States.

Important Dates

April 30-May 4: Spirit Week
  • Monday: Luau Day
  • Tuesday: Sports Day
  • Wednesday: Pajama Day
  • Thursday: Look-a-Like/Character Day
  • Friday: Meme/Emoji Day

May 11: Field Trip to Ellis Island

May 17: State Fair at 10-11:30am

May 25: Field Day

May 28: No School
June 14: Last Day of School *noon dismissal*