Brandon, Tamara, and Emily

What is grief?

Grief is the variety of reactions that may surface as an individual makes sense of how a loss affects him or her.


-experienced a loss

-pain of rejection

-breakup of a relationship

Stages of Grief

Denial (difficult to accept loss)

Emotional Release (loss is recognized, released emotionally)

Anger (using anger because you feel powerless)

Bargaining (thinking that the loss will come back)

Depression (developed feelings of sadness and isolation)

Remorse (thinking of how the loss could have been prevented)

Acceptance (the person faces reality and experiences closure)

Hope (remembering becomes less painful and you move on)

Riley and her brothers loss.

Teens and Loss: Riley, Loss of Brother to Suicide

Riley and her loss

A brief summary of what its about is that Riley lost her brother who committed suicide and she went through all the stages of grief and had to overcome the hard times.


"Every loss is unique. The truth is, the worst loss is the one that is happening to you, the one that has picked you up and thrown you down and left you struggling to put your life back together." - Elizabeth DeVita-Raeburn, author of The Empty Room: Surviving the Loss of a Brother or Sister at Any Age

"Our grief lives with us long as we the very act of weaving our losses into that tapestry, we ensure that our losses are part of our wholeness." Deborah Morris Coryell,Healing Through the Shadow of Loss

How to Help?

Help the person to recall happy, positive memories.

Describe why the person was special.

Help the person get through it by coping with them.

Grieving alone make the process more difficult.

Positive actions you can take to deal with stress.