A Little Bit Scary

By : Riya Sanghavi

You may think that Frank Stitches is a little bit scary, but . . .

  • He loves to celebrate everything with everybody.
  • He enjoys giving out free candy.
  • Frank Stitches is genorus, kind, loving, and caring.
  • He will hold anything big because he is strong , has big arms ,and loves helping people.

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Good Deeds

  • He helps with making blankets.That is why his pants are ripped at the bottom.
  • If people do not like spiders he gets rid of them.
  • Every stitch on him represents a time when he helped someone.


Frank Stitches lives with his mom , dad and sister. He enjoys going on family vacations with them because they are very funny. He is the oldest out of the two of the kids.Frank Stitches always prefers to be with his family.

Frank Stitches Favorite Activities

Frank Stitches loves to go swimming. He used to be on a swim team. He also loves go to go to amusement parks. With all the free time he has he goes once a week.Frank Stitches likes to go to his favorite club. That club is called FRANK STITCHES because he made it up . Frank Stitches likes to play sports in the summer. Frank Stitches will basically do anything that comes to mind.

Frank Stitches Favorite Things

He really loves candy but, when he eats to much he gives it away. Frank Stitches loves video games , board games , card games and well all sorts of games.