Did you know that if you were to purchase all the gold in the world, it would cost around $6,412,301,567,488?

How was Gold Discovered?

Gold has been around almost as long as humans have. It is naturally found in streams and creeks. Early human civilizations associated gold with gods. Many people believe that gold was discovered by eastern Europeans around 4000 B.C. Gold has been found in King Tut’s tomb and was the currency in many countries such as China and Great Britain. Gold was also responsible for bringing much of the population to California. In 1849, gold was found in California which triggered many people to flock west in search of wealth.

Fun fact: absolute pure gold is so soft it can be molded by hand.

How is Gold Used?

There are many different uses for gold. The main use of gold in today’s society is in manufacturing jewelry. 78% of the gold found each year is used in creating jewelry. Gold comes in the form of a rock, so it must be purified through the process of smelting. Jewelry is not the only use for gold. It is also very prominent in electronics. Gold is used in conductors in cell phones, calculators, computers, and GPS systems. Gold was even used on the Columbia space shuttle to shield astronauts from radiation.

Did you know that the word gold comes from the old english word gelo, which means yellow?

America the Story of Us: Gold Rush

Where can I find Gold?

Gold can be found in two different deposits called lode and placer deposits. Lode deposits are found in cracks between rocks. Placer deposits are when gold is eroded away by water and pushed to the riverbed.


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