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September 11


eClass C&I Course Pages

We are showing wonderful growth in teacher use of eClass C&I course pages. The district is tracking this usage. As a reminder, please remember the minutes of activity is the time between the log-in and the final click during a single session. If a user logs in and never clicks on another link and never logs-out, 0 minutes will be captured. Remember to LOG-OUT every time. Some teachers are showing 2 log-ins but 0 minutes.

PTA Flyers and Information

Please make sure you are sending home all PTA information in Friday folders and returning it to PTA on time. All students need to have these forms sent home in a timely manner in order to meet deadlines. Thank you for your help with this!

Fun Run Information

There have been some change made to the calendar. Please note that we will have the Fun Run Kick-Off for staff in the cafeteria at 7:45 on Tuesday, September 22nd. This is required for all staff and breakfast will be provided. The student pep rallies are also on Tuesday, September 22nd in the gym. Grades K, 2, 4 at 1:30 and grades 1, 3, 5 at 2:15. The Fun Run will take place on Friday, Oct. 2nd.


Please read and follow all communications sent out by Jo regarding our retrofit. Equipment was delivered on Friday. Lab 1 and classroom desktops will be removed (unless there is a note on the computer). New printers will be brought to classrooms. Do not use them yet. Please make sure you have removed any personal pictures and videos from you desktop or documents folder of your laptop. Do not place them in your H: drive. Thank you for your help during this exciting transition.

NATC Treats 15-16

Trivia Time: The first ten people to answer this week's trivia question will get a treat in their mailboxes. Email Carrie with your answer.

On September 11, 2001, planes crashed in New York, Virginia, and what other state?

A. Indian

B. West Virginia

C. Ohio

D. Pennsylvania

E. Indiana


From: Patti


Please remember if you are a special ed or teacher of grades 1, 2 or 5 and have not attended a CogAT meeting plan on doing so on Monday morning. If you are unable to attend that please come see me with your calendar so we can find another day/time.

CogAT starts Wednesday. Please be ready for the emails to be coming your way with important reminders.

The next round of interims are coming up very soon. You are now within the window to access the blue prints as well as the tests in the resources section of SchoolNet. The rubrics for the constructed response questions are also located in the instructional resources section. I will be visiting grade levels next week to give further guidance on these new formats as well as scheduling testing for this go around.


A HUGE shout out to the gals helping with sorting out EIP. It truly is a LONG and often confusing process trying to serve as many students as we can following the strict guidelines set forth by the state. They have created,changed, updated and tweaked their schedules dozens of times to make sure we are helping as many kids as we possible can.

Please remember that EIP services can come in many forms, through push in, pull out and even para support in kindergarten. Letters for EIP students will be going home in the upcoming days, if any parents have questions please send them to me and I will be happy to work with them.


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Want to spread some SUNSHINE? With your Sunshine dues ($30 for certified staff, $15 for non-certified/ part-time), you will receive:

  • a jeans pass to be worn on OCTOBER 1st
  • three come-in-late passes
  • a members-only Chick-fil-A biscuit one special morning during the school year
There is an envelope in Jennifer Little's box for your cash or check written to DCES SUNSHINE. Please highlight your name on the front of the envelope to get credit. Contributions must be made no later than Friday, September 25.


Pegge Savage - 9/14

Pat Vandegrift - 9/17