Ghost Hawk

By Susan Cooper

Ghost Hawk

Ghost Hawk is a book filled with action, mysteries, sadness, and adventure. Ghost Hawk is based on a boy from a Native American tribe during the first settlers and Jamestown. The boys name is Little Hawk. Little Hawk is becoming a man, and while doing this meets a young boy. This would be John who is a White child. When Little Hawk dies John is truly sad and astonished. Little Hawk watches and talks to John as he grows up with the chance of being caught and hung for witch craft.

Little Hawk

As a Native American Little Hawk wanted nothing besides becoming a man and being just like his father. Little hawk goes into the Journey a boy and fights for survival and comes back a man. Little Hawk comes back to his village not just a man, but in shock. A disease out break as killed many and whats left of them haft to move on. In the new village Little Hawk meets John a young white boy. Latter in life the meet up in the forest, but they also meet death.


John is a white child who also has to become a man. While doing this he meets Little Hawk who was caging deer and taught John how to at three. One day John was in the woods with his father, when a tree caught his leg after cutting it down. Little Hawk and his friend try to help when a loud gun shot strikes the air. John sees his long lost friend and his father die. John becomes a worker for Master Kelly. John meets Little Hawks ghost and talks to him every once in a while, but has a chance of being hung if caught. From the thought of using witch craft.