5 Useful Mobile Apps

How mobile apps can be useful in K-12 Classrooms


Mobl21 is a free app that can be downloaded from the apple store or from the website. Teachers are able to use to app to add to their lessons or to be used as homework. They can create study guides, flashcards and quizzes.

A math teacher can create a multiplication flashcards that can be used in class and at home. They can also use it to create fun study guides in order to help the kids prepare for an upcoming unit test.

QR Code Generators/Readers

'Quick Response' codes can be created and downloaded for free if teachers can find a free app. Codes are created that when scanned can reveal a link, picture or text.

Teachers can use this as an exciting way to get students to a specific website. Students can easily make mistakes when copying and trying to type out a long URL but this way teachers can easily post up a QR code. Students are quickly directed to the proper site. WHAT A TIME SAVER!

Voice Thread

Voice Thread is an app that allows people to create multimedia slideshows. They can also add commentary using different media.

Teachers can truly take advantage of the comment ability of this app. They can upload students work and have both them and other students give constructive feedback using different media.

StoryKit App

Using this app students can create their own create books or they can edit or change up classic stories.

Teachers can use this app to learn about and work with the different point-of-views in a story. They can also use to for a fun creative spin on writing journals!

Journal Jar

This app consists of tons of great writing cues for students. They simple shake the app to get the prompts. It also provides thought provoking questions that can be used in classrooms or at home. This app is designed for elementary grades.

This is an easy and a great app for English teachers. When students need a topic or idea to get them going on their creative writing task this app is there to help! An easy and fun list of ideas, way more exciting then picking one off a list.