Discrimination of Women

Make Lemonade

American Discrimination in the past

In the past a lot of people have been discriminated. Most Acts of discrimination were on people went colored skin or women. People Unfairly discriminated against these people, but they both fought to have equal rights.

Discrimination of African Americans

In the past a lot of Africans were discriminated against because the color of their skin. They did not have the same schooling which made them not get as good jobs. Also they were treated very poorly even if they did nothing wrong. It is very bad to discriminate against people based on their skin color.

Discrimination of Women

Women were also faced with Discrimination. They used to not have as much rights as men, and were treated differently than men. Women also didn't have equal pay. If a women did have a job than se would usually get paid less for the same amount of work as a man. Women wanted to become independent, so they fought to have more rights, and equal pay

Current Discrimination in America

People around America continue to be discriminated. It has gotten better, but it is still a problem in America. Most of they same types of people are being discriminated in the past and today.


People continue to be racist against other people. A lot of people in America hold prejudices against African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Arab Americans. People Think that some minorities will do something like committing a crime. It is wrong to judge people especially if you don't really know them


Some people in America still think that men are better than women. It is wrong to think that all men are better than women, but some people truly think that. Women should have every right as men including the righto vote, to work, and earn equal pay. Many of these rights have been passed, but still men continue to get a little more pay than women.

Discrimination Around the World

Like America, other countries are discriminating against other people. They do this because people have different cultures, and often their judged because their different. No one should be judged just because they have different ways of life or have different beliefs.

Why People Judge other people

I think people may judge others because they might be influence by others like your parents or friends. If one of your parents believes something then they influence you to think like they do. Also when people have different ways of life they can be judged and discriminated for that. Everyone should be treated the same no matter who they are.

Womens Jobs In The Past

Women had very few jobs back in the 1900s. Back then most women were domestic servants. They were thought to be not as capable as a male worker. Many women also had to stay in unhappy marriages because the couldn't financially support themselves because they could't get very good jobs. In the past women with the same job would get about 28 cents less per dollar. It is unfair how people treated women.

Women not being aloud to Vote in The Past

In the past many women didn't have many rights. They use to not be aloud to vote, so they couldn't Exercise their civil rights like the men. Also in the past women could not serve on juries or hold public office. If women vote aswell then it will make it harder for bad candidates to get into office. It is unfair that they were not as equal as the men.

Women treated differently than men currently in America

Women are still treated differently than men even in America today. Continue to get paid less than men. now women get about 11 cents less per dollar. Also women employees are getting paid less than a man. Recently in 2015 a law suit was filed against Microsoft because they were paying women Employees less, and promoted them less. women should get the same pay as men.

Abuse of Women in America Today

Women continue to be abused by men. In the years 2001 through 2012 about 11,766 women were killed by their male partner. In 2010 it was reported that about 22 million women were sexually abused in their life time. Women continue to get abused even today.

Women Treated Differently Around the World Currently

All over the world women are being discriminated. In some countries like Saudi Arabia women are not aloud to drive. Nepal has a more extreme case of discrimination, if a women is assaulted then the perpetrator is not punished at all. In a lot of countries women often get paid less even though they may work more than a man. It is unfair to women around the world that countries are discriminating them like this.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia does not allow women to drive. Their king thinks that if women drive than their ovaries will be pushed up to their stomachs. Also any Adult women in Saudi Arabia must get permission from her male guardian if she wants to do something like work, travel, study, or marry. It is not fair how women have no independence in Saudi Arabia.


Women have to face Discrimination, violence, unequal power and lack of education in turkey still. Violence happens a lot against women. In turkey about one and three women have been physically or sexually abused in their life. A lot of Turkish women don't have jobs. 76% of women do not have jobs in Turkey. It is sad that discrimination is still going on in Turkey.

Famous People Fighting for Womens Rights

Many people worked hard, and continue to wok hard at making women as equal as men. In the past the women's rights movement worked towards the 19th amendment. The 19th amendment aloud women to vote which was a huge success for the women's rights movement

Susan B. Anthony

Susan had a very important role in women's rights. She helped create the International Council of Women which is still around today. Also she introduced to congress and amendment that gave women the power to vote. This idea later became the 19th Amendment.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary is a politician now running for president. Hillary worked towards having equal rights and equal pay for women. She says that women's rights is "Unfinished business." Hillary is not done with women's rights, she will continue to fight until women are treated the same

Make Lemonade Connections

In the novel make lemonade women were sometimes discriminated against. Jolly in the story was getting abused by her boss. She tried to get defend herself by stabbing him with a pencil, and she got fired because of it. She was getting abused and they fired her for trying to defend herself. That was unfair for them to do. Also in the story people were discriminated because of their wealth.


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