Journey Becomes Stories

We don't sell our projects, we sell experiences..

Who are we?

AIESEC in Hyderabad is been one that always believed in Quality, one of the reasons why we have had a constant impact over the youth for the last 29 years!! We deliver over 300 volunteering experiences on a yearly basis. We believe in giving every intern a purpose for their travel.

Experience Hyderabad!

AIESEC in Hyderabad, that also goes by '24*7 Leadership Factory' aim towards pleasing and giving every intern an experience to remember. That's our vision, we aim to please. What we also believe in is to make a difference and give back to the society through our projects.

What do we offer?

Straight from our EPs!!

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Not Just A Pretty Face!!!

You know what to do!!


Project Booklet!!

Glimpse into the accommodation!