Susan B. Anthony

The woman who changed lives!

What Susan Wanted to Change and How She Did It!

Susan B. Anthony was a prominent women's right activist in 19th century America. She initiated the women's suffrage movement. Susan was an author, abolitionist, and public speaker.

She helped establish the American Equal Rights Association, in 1866, with Elizabeth Cady Stanton. They wanted to make sure that the same rights were granted to all people regardless of their race or gender! Susan and Elizabeth made a newspaper called; "The Revolution". It lobbied for women's rights in 1868! The motto of the newspaper was;

"Men their rights, and nothing more; women their rights, and nothing less."

Years of Glory!

Born on February 15, 1820, Susan B. Anthony was raised in a Quaker household. She later worked as a teacher before becoming a leading figure in the women's rights movement. She partnered with Elizabeth Cady Stanton and would eventually lead the National American Woman Suffrage Association. A dedicated women, Anthony died on March 13, 1906, from heart failure!

Influences on the world!

Susan B. Anthony did not play with dolls or toys. Her father influenced her to be a disciplined, reflective woman. She spoke out against slavery, ills of society, and lots more!

"I do not demand equal pay for any women, save those who

do equal work and value. Scorn to be coddled by your

employers; make them understand that you are in their

service as workers, not as women."

(Quote from Susan B. Anthony)

How This Effects Me!

Susan B Anthony is a hero to most women, slaves, and to me! If Susan B Anthony didn't help us and did what she did, women would not have a say in anything! Thanks to her women in our country are treated equally to men, and there are no slaves in are country! Susan B Anthony was a true hero!!!
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Words You May Not Know!

Abolitionist= The act of abolishing slavery!

Quaker=A member of religious society of friends!

Reflective=A person who looks back on their actions!