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MLC Kx5 Virtual Open House: Please encourage prospective families to attend

If you know any families that are interested in their children attending MLC next year Kx5, please encourage them to attend MLC's Kx5 Virtual Open House on March 10th. This is a great opportunity to meet teachers and learn about the school program.

Link for MLC Virtual Kx5 Open House March 10, 2021 at 5:00 PM

There is also a virtual districtwide K-5 event on March 8th where Mark and Margarita will be hosting an MLC breakout room, along with other schools in the lottery.

The PPS K-5 lottery closes on March 16th. Please see PPS Enrollment and Transfer website for more information.

Successful Schools Survey

Please complete the Successful Schools Survey. This is an opportunity for families to provide input and feedback through a survey that is used at all schools across PPS. The survey is open through March 19th for families. After you click on the link, select MLC from the drop-down menu. The survey has about 50 questions. Students will complete the survey within the school day. The window is open through March 12th for students.

What's the difference between Distance Learning, Limited In-person Instruction, and Hybrid?

-Distance Learning is what is currently happening for all students across PPS, working remotely from home.

-Limited In-Person Instruction is starting in PPS now. This is specific, small groups of students that are invited to the school for in-person instruction.

-Hybrid Instruction is when larger cohorts of students will return to the building on a regular basis. PPS is planning this for April. Look for updates from PPS or in this newsletter.

Link to PPS FAQ for Hybrid Learning

Virtual Office Hours

With PPS' transition to Hybrid Learning coming up soon, Mark will be hosting a virtual office hour every Friday for families to drop-in and ask questions.

Link to MLC Principal Virtual Office Hour Fridays from 12:00-12:30

Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) follow-up

MLC completed MAP testing for 3x8 this week. If your child needs additional time for testing beyond what their teachers provided, you will be contacted by the school to arrange additional time for next week.

Limited In-Person Instruction (Updated 2/24/21)

Limited In-Person Instruction (LIPI) is having small groups of targeted students come to PPS buildings for two-hour sessions, 1-4 times per week. Please see below for details about LIPI at MLC.

-LIPI is supplementary to Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL), which is the online instruction that is happening now with teachers. LIPI is not intended to replace the whole class activities currently provided through CDL.

-When LIPI starts at MLC, expect mostly guest or substitute teachers to be providing the instruction.

-LIPI will be 2 hour sessions. Mondays and Tuesdays from 1:00-3:00 for Kx3, Thursdays and Friday from 1:00-3:00 for HS Credit Recovery and 6th/9th Grade.

-There would be training for staff providing LIPI focused on health and safety precautions.

-Within LIPI, all students would maintain consistent cohorts. For example, if a student is in Group 1 on Monday, they would always stay in that group in order to minimize contact with other students.

Currently, here is the order of priority for initiating LIPI at MLC:

1. Kx3 students: Started 2/22/21

MLC welcomed Kx3 students participating in LIPI this week. It was great to have students back in the building!

2. HS students needing Credit Recovery: Anticipated start date 3/4/21

-Juniors and sophomores needing credit-recovery will be the next group prioritized for LIPI.

-Distance Learning has made it more difficult for high school students to pass classes across PPS, Oregon, and the United States.

-Mark and Margarita will work with the MLC high school team to prioritize students based on this criteria.

-Families of prioritized students will be contacted by Mark or Margarita to confirm whether or not they want their child to participate in LIPI. Participation in LIPI is optional for students.

-Liz Buelow, along with other substitute teachers, will be providing LIPI instruction for high school students.

3. 6th and 9th graders: Anticipated start date 3/11/21

-6th and 9th students challenged by low attendance, grades, or engagement would be the third group prioritized for LIPI.

-These grades were chosen because of the current transition into MLC at these two grade levels. About half of our 6th graders have never attended school in the building and most of our 9th graders have never attended school in the building.

-Mark and Margarita will work with the MLC high school team and 6th grade teachers to prioritize students based on the noted criteria.

-Families of prioritized students will be contacted by Mark or Margarita to confirm whether or not they want their child to participate in LIPI. Participation in LIPI is optional for students.

-We are currently looking at different possibilities for LIPI programming at the 6th grade level.

-We are still establishing who would provide LIPI for 6th graders

-Substitute teachers will be providing LIPI instruction for 9th grade students.

Jack Randazzo, MLC PE teacher, and Clement Wilson, MLC Social Worker, will be helping with the LIPI program.

Plans are currently being established based on the information above. Look for more newsletter updates with new information. If you have questions, please email Mark at or call 503-577-7126.

Materials Pickup/Delivery Request Form: Materials pick-up on Monday's and Thursday's (Updated 2/24/21)

Materials pick-up at MLC is Monday and Thursday. The front parking lot will be closed on Mondays from 12:30-1:15 to keep it clear for LIPI participants. Please park on the street or back parking lot if you come Mondays during that time window.

Pickup times:

Monday 10:00-2:00

Thursday 10:00-2:00

Materials will be staged in the cafeteria. Masks and social distancing required. Look for signs directing to the front or cafeteria door.

Your child's teacher will let families know if there are materials at the school that need to be picked up. If the Monday or Thursday times don't work, please submit an office request at this link and we'll find an alternate time.

If you are unable to come to MLC because of health concerns or cannot find any alternate times to come to the school please fill out the form below

Link to new Kx12 Materials Delivery Request Form

Yearbook Updates (Updated 2/24/21)

Senior Families: Melanie Jeudy recent sent an email about senior photos and a baby photo request for the yearbook. Please take a look at that email for details about how to submit those photos for the yearbook.

Yearbook Updates

  • Yearbook Photos Please:

    • Every couple of weeks, we will be putting out an ask for the community to please email photos to Melanie at Please include your student’s first and last name and grade and what is happening in the photos that you send. This week we are asking you to please send photos of:

      • New hairdos, hairstyles or hair colors

      • Selfies! :) (Please no hand signals of any kind)

      • Newly learned skills during COVID-19/Distance Learning (Example: Melanie learned how to do the "Floss" dance move over winter break)

      • Fall-O-Breations please. This can be any celebrations or traditions that you and your family do in the fall.

      • Back to School/School Set Up During Distance Learning please. We all know school is looking different this year, so if you have first day of school photos, or photos of your student at work that you’re comfortable sharing, please do!

      • Elective Photos

      • Winter Celebration/Tradition Photos

      • Winter Break Photos

      • Please feel free to email Melanie other photos as well

Library Announcements (Updated 2/24/21)

Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award (BCCCA) and Oregon Reader's Choice Award (ORCA) voting deadline is the week after Spring Break. Please encourage students to continue reading throughout Spring Break.

Please link below for Reader's Choice book programs at MLC

From your Library team, Tini & Tim

For other library updates:

Support/Affinity Groups for African-American and Indigenous Youth

Please see links below for support/affinity groups for African-American and Indigenous Youth.

Black Youth Crisis Recovery Group

PPS Native HS Student Group

PPS Native MS Student Group

Need School Supplies for Home?

If you need any basic school supplies i.e. paper, pencils, protractors, compasses, etc. please contact Kathleen in the office for more information.

MLC Office Request Form

Please submit a request in this form if you need something from the MLC Office staff.

PPS Password Resets

If you need to reset your child's PPS password, please fill out form at link below.

Technology Request Form

If you need to borrow technology from PPS, please click on link below:

Link to new Kx12 Delivery Request Form

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